developmind - Interactive Mindfulness Training

* shine from the inside *

Unlike listening passively to tradition audio guided meditation, I influence the course of my training actively - just by gently touching the blackened screen.

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This way I can improve my ability to build stress resilience, to sharpen my focus or to improve my quality of sleep with this highly engaging self-paced training system.

Even only a few minutes per day can now quickly be turned into most effective mindfulness exercises – always and everywhere.
Not everyone has access to a teacher and guided teachings from audio tapes can become boring quickly.

Only developmind offers:
  • engaging exercises that adapt to my individual needs,
  • the new method of swiping - sliding my finger on the blackened screen - engages my senses and helps me to focus on my breath,
  • quick and intensive sessions and structured courses based on proven methods,
  • motivation through statistics for me and my team.

Finally something feely-touchy that really works :)

OPEN BETA TEST: All exercises and complete training course free for a limited time!

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developmind has been developed in collaboration with MBSR trainers and clinical psychologists. The underlying mental training technology is patent pending.

exercise more engagingly - train more effectively

Interactive Mindfulness Training